Top 5 Most Expensive Video Game Accessories


While the well off should seriously think about obtaining extravagance homes, autos, and yachts, as simply one more common cost, who realized that the gaming business made numerous frill that are likewise intended to cook those with a lot of money close by. While the rich can positively purchase gold plated X-Box guidance or precious stone encrusted Wii directs, you may be shocked to some of these best 5 most costly computer game frill.

5. The Steel Battalion Controller ~ $199

For the measure of apparatus you get for the $199, this is quite a decent arrangement. The Steel Battalion amusement created by Capcom was accessible in a package for the X-Box that accompanied this noteworthy minimal embellishment. Like controllers you would see back in the 1980’s, the main genuine disadvantage is that it works only on Steel Battalion and the continuation. That being stated, this extra is just a gamers dream, and coming in at under $200 is certainly a take.

4. The Premium Edition Resident Evil 6 ~ $1,299

At the point when Capcom discharged Resident Evil 6, it was soon trailed by an uncommon release adaptation, and afterward this top notch version. With the diversion came a constrained version BSAA watch and a reproduction of the cowhide coat Leon wears. While the cowhide coat would be sufficient for some, gamers to spend the $1,299, you additionally get tablet cases precisely like the ones utilized as a part of Resident Evil to store every one of those wellbeing things. For arcade mode, you got extra stickers and a one of a kind guide.

3. The Gaming Keyboard for Optimus Maximus ~ $1,699

On the off chance that you need to truly be invited into the nerd society, you should have the console for the Optimus Maximus diversion. For just $1,699, it comes finish with the keys that have minor LED screens on them that move an amazing ten edges per second. Each key has this extraordinary element, enabling you to rapidly distinguish the key initially. The console truly changes the way the amusement is experienced.

2. The Racing Simulator for VRX Mach 4 ~ $24,999

In the event that you are searching for a definitive in gaming driving encounters, the $24.999 for the VRX dashing test system is the value you should pay. Presently you can understanding very close each one of those things that frighten drivers to death, while never leaving your home. At the cost of a fresh out of the plastic new vehicle, you get three diverse 37″ TVs, four new X-Box 360’s, a Microsoft controlling wheel, another LCD screen, a one of a kind vibration enhancer, Bose encompass sound, four duplicates of Forza 3, and your own one of a kind personal fridge. Appreciate those driving computer games on a totally new level with your new hustling test system.

1. The Emperor Workstation 200 – $39,999

Drum roll please! The main gaming frill on our best 5 most costly computer game adornments list is the Emperor Workstation 200. This behemoth comes finish with another Playstation 3 framework, three spic and span LCD screens, autonomous lighting, agreeable cowhide chair, Blu-Ray player, completely coordinated web camera, and an arrangement of clamor crossing out earphones. This is a definitive method to encounter gaming, and at just $39,999 you can join the positioning of only a modest bunch of players who presently encounter playing along these lines all the time.

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