The man with the world’s longest PENIS: 54-year-old man rejects the opportunity to have his 18-inch part lessened (yet he won’t have the capacity to have intercourse unless he does as such)


The man with the world’s longest penis has rejected the likelihood of having a decrease – regardless of whether it implies he won’t ever engage in sexual relations.

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, 54, from Saltillo, Mexico, has a penis measuring a goliath 18.9 inches when flabby – touching his knee.

He stood out as truly newsworthy worldwide in 2015 after a video turned into a web sensation indicating him measuring his part to demonstrate its realness.

His half-meter penis crushed the informal record accepted to have a place with US performing artist Jonah Falcon, whose penis was 9.5 inches flabby and 13.5 inches when erect.

‘I might want to be in the Guinness Book of Records however they don’t perceive this record,’ he disclosed to Barcroft TV.

‘I am well known in light of the fact that I have the greatest penis on the planet. I am content with my penis, I know no one has the size I have.’

However, notwithstanding his pride, individuals from the restorative group have encouraged him to in any event think about a penile diminishment.

Dr Jesus David Salazar Gonzalez stated: ‘We have exhorted him “Roberto, the best thing for you is that the specialists give an ordinary shape to your penis so it doesn’t hurt you, keeping in mind the end goal to have sexual connections, with a specific end goal to have kids”.

‘However, he doesn’t acknowledge it, he’d preferably have a penis greater than whatever is left of the general population.

‘In Latin culture whoever has the greater penis is more macho.

‘It’s something that makes him distinctive to whatever is left of the general population and makes him feels uncommon.’

Specialists as of late completed an exhaustive examination of Mr Cabrera’s penis, affirming doubts that the heft of his almost 20-inch penis is prepuce.

His penile organs extend just seven inches, which means whatever remains of his part is totally prepuce and veins.

They have likewise possessed the capacity to offer some understanding in exactly how his penis turned out to be so expansive – they say he has been extending his penis with weights since his young person.

Specialists say his penis turned out to be so extensive in light of the fact that he has been extending it with weights as far back as he was a young person

Dr Gonzalez included: ‘He was fixated on the penis length.

‘He started with this amplification since he was an adolescent, wrapping a few groups around his penis with a few weights and endeavoring to extend it.’

The sheer size of Mr Cabrera’s penis causes him various medical issues, including successive urinary tract contaminations in light of the fact that not all his pee gets away from his protracted prepuce.

While he keeps his enormous part wrapped in swathes to evade teasing.

He is additionally unfit to rest chest down and needs to put his penis all alone cushion to escape inconvenience amid the night.

Also, a dynamic sexual coexistence is untouchable for him as his penis has excessively bigness to have sex.

Mr Cabrera included: ‘A few people inquire as to whether I put a few condoms on it and the appropriate response is: I can’t. I can never infiltrate anybody since it is too thick.’

While living in the US, he endeavored to have intercourse twice, however the main lady pulled out when she saw his penis.

While the other one needed to stop since it was excessively excruciating.

Mr Cabrera says his penis is a ‘handicap’ and stops him working – constraining him to depend on sustenance banks to survive.


Mr Cabrera started extending the length of his penis utilizing weights when he was a youngster.

By wrapping groups around his part, it put pressure which brought about little tears in the tissue.

The body normally repairs these tears, bringing about new cell development and causing a bigger penis.

In any case, not at all like extending a material, the penis won’t just pick up long yet in addition bigness.

Specialists as of late completed an exhaustive examination of Mr Cabrera’s penis, affirming doubts that the greater part of his almost 20 inch penis is prepuce

‘I can’t wear a uniform like anyone in the organizations and furthermore I can’t get on my knees,’ he said.

‘I can’t run quick thus the organizations consider seriously me. They say that they will call me, yet they never do.’

As per Mr Cabrera, after at first expelling his claim, the administration has now remembered him as crippled.

At regular intervals they furnish him with some monetary help, yet ‘it’s insufficient’, he says.

Another drawback to having such an immense penis is, to the point that many individuals trust it is a scam.

He stated: ‘Some of the time when the general population inquire as to whether it’s genuine or not, I ask them “Would you like to see it?”’

Be that as it may, he has permitted Dr Gonzalez to touch it to affirm its genuineness.

While the specialists additionally accept there might be a neurological clarification for his want for an ever-bigger penis.

In any case, in spite of his pride, individuals from the restorative group have encouraged him to at any rate think about a penile decrease

‘In an encephalogram we watched that he had a change at the correct transient projection,’ Dr Gonzalez said.

‘This change gives individuals intriguing thoughts, for instance they have a tendency to talk a ton about religion or they are exceptionally enduring and obstinate.

‘Like these ladies who go for greater bosoms, or men who need greater gluteals, he changes his body similarly.’

Be that as it may, there is a darker side to Mr Cabrera’s past – while living in the US he was sentenced on a string of obscenity accusations.

They incorporate a lawful offense strike charge for presenting himself to two underage young ladies, a conviction he offered unsuccessfully.

He was compelled to leave the US in 2001 yet has now set his sights set on returning.

A grown-up amusement organization offered to pay for a diminishment, however he declined and says he will probably to meet the correct lady.

While he likewise has any desires for turning into a porn star later on.

He included: ‘I am content with my penis and I wish to backpedal to the US and spend whatever remains of my life over yonder.

‘I don’t feel miserable on the grounds that I know in the US there is a great deal of ladies. One of them will be the correct size for me.

‘I might want to be a porn star and I figure I would profit over yonder.

‘What’s more, the general population dislike here, they are more liberal: they couldn’t care less about what I have in my jeans.’

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