Stunning minute a couple are discovered on camera engaging in sexual relations before alarmed families on a stage at Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station


Two men were found on camera seeming to engage in sexual relations on the stage of a bustling train station in Melbourne.

Travelers at Flinders Street Station were alarmed when the match stripped exposed before them before moving around a stolen pot plant and getting close.

Video taken of the strange occurrence around 11pm on Saturday seemed to indicate one of the men standing not far behind the other and rubbing up against him.

  • Two men found on camera engaging in sexual relations on occupied Flinders Street Station stage
  • They peeled off and moved around a stolen pot plant before getting close
  • Both were captured and accused of wilful and indecent introduction and robbery

The other seemed to stretch around to caress his uncovered behind before they isolated and started to return their garments on.

The two men, matured 22 and 25, were later captured and were accused of wilful and disgusting presentation and robbery.

Police told the Herald Sun they were supposedly observed bare on the stage and stole two pot plants from outside Melbourne Town Hall.

Samantha Lenkic said she saw the match alongside many individuals on the stages, including an elderly lady who shouted at them.

‘I’ve never observed anything like it, I was paralyzed… it was very gross and not plainly something I need to see,’ she said.

‘Others were stunned, a few people were giggling watching everything unfurl.’

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