Sennheiser Orpheus HE90 – Most Expensive Headphones


Sennheiser Orpheus HE90 is the world’s most costly earbuds – completely fabulous and stunning. It was made by Thomas Heyerdahl of Heyerdahl Jewelry, additionally the individual behind iDiamond iPod, and was built in a progression of 1, 000. The piece is deliberately outlined, packaged with a tube enhancer (HEV90). Every one of the aggregate six tubes is secured by a metal packaging.

The electrostatic earpiece likewise includes glass and gold, sparkling metal, delicate dark colored calfskin, a devoted volume control set up scope of 7 to 100, 000 hertz, which offers hearing past what human ears are able to do. Different earphones just offer a recurrence reaction of just 60-20, 000 hertz. What’s more, as an electrostatic earphone, it is prestigious for exactness and speed. Sennheiser Orpheus HE90 offers clearness bizarre, thank to its vast agreeable ear-containers fixed with wood. The sound detail is so sharp and the vocals are common, sensible and amazing.

It is outline with most extreme solace that you can wear it for a drawn out stretch of time without experiencing ear weakness after. What is one of a kind about this earphone is it needs to warm up before being utilized. Sold for $16, 000, this blinged thing is just accessible in constrained 300 pieces and may require a huge speculation. Sennheiser Orpheus earphones appeared in 1991.

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