Most Expensive Cigars


Stogies have been a standout amongst the most old type of smoking, and goes back to mid 1100s if not more. Their history is multinational and luxuriously bright no doubt. They have been an image of unwinding, tastefulness, and wantonness. They have been an image of expert and order over decades, and have been one of the changeless apparatuses of noted and capable men around the globe. Culminate stogie can be difficult to name as assortment in preparing tobacco, their mixes and substantially more. Here are the absolute most costly stogies from around the globe.

Padrón Series 1926 80 Years

Priced at 30.00 USD, the Padrón Series 1926 80 Years was to commend the 80th birthday celebration of Jose Orlando Padron, the proprietor of the organization. Despite the fact that one of the least expensive premium stogies, they come both in regular and maduro wrappers.

Cohiba Esplendido

One of the most famous Cuban stogies, the Cohiba Express is evaluated at 34.00 USD each. They are accessible in different pressing sizes, and have been underway for the mid-sixties in Havana.

Stadivarius Churchill

Priced at 34.70 USD, these stogies come in packs of ten, came in singular wrappers inside a humidor chest. What makes these stogies extraordinary is the ideal mix of Mexican, Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco, which is come in selective Dominican Habano Seed wrapper leaf.


Priced at 50.00 USD, the Louixs stogies are named as the ‘finest stogies cash can purchase,’ by their makers. Accessible in Rosado wrappers, these stogies are the house stogies for Beverly Hills Cigar Club. They have a six inch by sixty ring measure estimate, and are fabricated by Goldwin Metropolitan Company.

Arturo Fuente Opus X BBMF

Manufactured by the Arturo Fuente, the BBMF really remains for Big Bad Mother F*****. The Arturo Fuente is the main acclaimed Cigar creator, and has an unmistakable flavor and taste. Every one of these 7 inch stogies costs 55.00 USD, and by and by is exceptionally hard to situate, with low generation.

Fuente Don Arturo AnniverXario

It was discharged in 2008, however made in 2001. Estimated at 78 USD every, it was a tribute to the senior Fuente, from whom Carlito Fuente purchased the AF stogies in 1958. The cost for the organization was only 1 USD. The stogies are stuffed in a chest valued at 7,500 USD. The chest houses 46 common wrapper stogies and 46 maduro wraps.

Arturo Fuente Opus X “A”

This is another top notch stogie from the place of Arturo Fuento. This is additionally the most costly one from the producers, valued at 79 USD each. It is a 43 ring measure size and around 9.2 inches in length. You may need to spend some more to appreciate this one, as it is extremely uncommon as well.

Cohiba Behike

The Cohiba Behike was discharged in a constrained unique version discharge in 2006, to stamp the 40th commemoration of Cuban stogie makers. There were just 100 humidors discharged, and each humidor contained just 40 of these extraordinary stogies, and the sticker price for these humidors are evaluated at 18,000 USD. What makes these stogies extraordinary is the uncommonness of these 4000 hand moved stogies. They were moved by a Cuban woman Norma, and every one of these unique release stogies are estimated at around 450 USD.

Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve

Each of the artful culminations is costs at 750 USD each. Every one of these stogies are 7.5 inch long and 52 ring measure, and are accessible in boxes of 20, evaluated at 15,000 USD each. The stogies are produced using 18 year old tobacco, and the leaves are absorbed Louis XII de Remy Martin cognac which is a standout amongst the most costly Cognac as well. By and by dolled out by K. Hansotia the proprietor, the organization creates just 100 such boxes each year.

Gurkha Black Dragon

One of the most costly stogies on the planet, every Gurkha Black Dragon is costs at 1,150 USD. Every one of these stogies is 8.5 inch long, and 52 ring measure in size. The constrained version line of Black Dragon is fabricated from a worldwide blend of rich tobacco moved under a verdant sheath. The stogies were stuffed close by created camel bone stogie chests. Every one of these chest was valued at 115,000 USD.

Mayan Sicars

Discovered by groups of archeologists from Tampa University amid unearthing destinations around Guatemala, they were found in an earth pot marked ‘Sicars’, which actually signifies ‘to smoke moved tobacco leaves’ in Yucatec. The word ‘Sicar’ is additionally thought to be the root of the word Cigars. These 600 year old stogies are to a great degree very much safeguarded and specialists opine that they can be smokes. They are up for gets for 200,000 USD each.

At last

Other than these recorded here, there are some more stogies that can be considered as premium stogies. Lord of Denmark Cigars can be tweaked with gold foils with names composed on them, and they can likewise be customized with precious stone, gold or silver crowns. A pack of thirty stogies can seek 4,500 USD as it were. The ‘El Gigante’ is a monstrous stogie is likewise accessible for 200,000 USD. Produced using 1600 pounds of tobacco this tremendous stogie is 1920 ring check, and uncommon modifications have been made for the smoking delight of 40 individuals at the same time.

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