Level Earth Society Responds To Elon Musk’s Tweet And We Just Can’t Even


On the off chance that you think the Earth is level, at that point you’re on the wrong site. Truly, what are you doing here? For what reason aren’t you daring to the cold hilly edge around the edges, valiantly looking underneath and seeing what’s on the opposite side of this galactic space Frisbee?

By chance, elsewhere that you don’t hope to see level Earth peons is on Elon Musk’s Twitter profile – however this is 2017, where rationale is about as important as witchcraft.

Musk, a man known for his infinite endeavors, monster batteries, and inquisitive, joke filled tweet strings, transparently pondered a day or two ago why there isn’t a Flat Mars Society. All things considered, there’s a Flat Earth Society, whose disciples are similarly as odd as you’d anticipate that them will be. Is Earth the main planet that is level?

All things considered, women and men of their word, we have a huge, amusement changing spoiler for you. The official Twitter record of the Flat Earth Society reacted to Musk’s tweet, and they have guaranteed that Mars, not at all like the Earth, is totally, unquestionably round.

“Hey Elon, a debt of gratitude is in order for the inquiry. Not at all like the Earth, Mars has been seen to be round. We trust you have an incredible day!”

All things considered, that is cleared that up at that point. By round, we accept they mean circular, however round articles can be level as well – so who knows, truly.

More odd still, when incited by an incredulous online networking client’s utilization of a gif demonstrating the Earth turning on its hub, the Flat Earth Society account answered with a coldhearted Star Wars reference.

“No! Alderaan is quiet, we have no weapons. You can’t in any way, shape or form – ” it peruses. Is it true that they are recommending that our probably level Earth is going to be crushed by the Death Star? It’s more probable that they’re suggesting that photos of Earth that we see each day are basically creations – however in any case, this is all unimaginably weird.

On the off chance that Mars is round or circular, are the various planets additionally round and round as well? Is it true that they are recommending that Earth’s the main level planet in presence? Goodness, such a large number of inquiries.

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