Indra Jatra


The eight-day long Indra Jatra celebration falls in September and is a standout amongst the most energizing and adored celebrations of the Newari people group of the Kathmandu Valley. This additionally denotes the start of a month-long celebration period of pre-winter. It starts with the erection of a wooden post made of pine at Basantapur Sqaure before the old Hanuman Dhoka Palace.

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For the shaft raising service, many observers assemble at the Palace Square and on the encompassing sanctuaries. The chariot of Kumari, the Living Goddess, is taken out in a parade through the fundamental lanes of Kathmandu.

Covered artists known as Lakhay rampage practically every night joined by uproarious drums. The celebration honors the time when Indra descended from paradise in human shape to search for a herb.

Every night of Indra Jatra the places of worship and antiquated castle structures around Kathmandu Durbar Square are aglow with oil wicks. Every night on the stage before the sanctuary of the Living Goddess, there is an establishment portraying the ten natural incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

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Toward the evening of the day preceding full moon, overjoyed swarms accumulate close Hanuman Dhoka Palace for the hotly anticipated Living Goddess’ chariot parade to get a look at the respected little Newari young lady who has been revered as Kumari.

The chariot of the Kumari took after by two other littler chariots conveying an agent of Ganesh and Bhairav is taken to various parts of the old Kathmandu. The celebration of Indra Jatra closes with the bringing down of the (lingam) shaft bearing Indra’s banner in the midst of religious services.

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