Gai Jatra


Gai Jatra celebration, the parade of dairy animals, for the most part falls in the long stretch of Bhadra, which relate to English schedule a very long time of August/September.

This year Gai Jatra is on August 30, 2015. That is on Bhadra 13, 2072 BS.

The celebration of dairy animals is a standout amongst the most mainstream celebrations in Nepal. It is said individuals in old time began worshiping Yamaraj,”the divine force of death” on this day.

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Notwithstanding, the cutting edge type of festivity of Gai Jatra appeared in the medieval time of Nepal amid the rule of Malla Kings. The present type of Gai Jatra with clever acts, satire, drama and was begun by then King of Kathmandu Pratap Malla. He made Rani Pokhari (Pond) in the core of Kathmandu and manufacture a sanctuary amidst a similar lake.

Generally every family who had passing in the family amid the former year must partake in a parade through the boulevards of Kathmandu driving a dairy animals.

In the event that a bovine is inaccessible then a youthful children dressed as dairy animals is viewed as a reasonable substitute. In any case, there began custom of driving a cow with kids in clever outfits.

Pratap Malla, lost his exceptionally youthful child. His better half, the ruler was in extraordinary hopelessness. The lord was exceptionally baffled to see the state of his ruler. Lord after millions attempt couldn’t influence ruler to grin. Pratap reported that any individual who could influence the ruler to snicker would be compensated satisfactorily.

Pratap Malla made a request to bring the dairy animals parade before the tragic ruler. At that point individuals attempted their best with various ensembles and amusing acts. The move and parade at last gave ruler favor her face. The grin right now was impermanent yet the parade gave ruler a major alleviation. She realized that there are a few passing in the city amid the period and she isn’t the only one. Demise is the common marvel and nobody has control on it.

Consequently, from the day King Pratap Malla began the custom of cow parade with young men with various amusing make ups in interesting ensembles. The young men even put tails and make up like monkeys and Hunuman walk however the city street to demonstrate individuals that the passing is reality in the life and each one needs to confront it one day. The Gai Jatra convention gradually formed into doing clever acts including jokes, parodies, joke and parody in the Gai Jatra days.

After the cow parade is finished, toward the evening, everybody participates in another custom in which the members spruce up and wear covers. There additionally individuals appreciate the minutes with melodies, jokes, joke and humors until late night.

Gai Jatra is a celebration which empowers individuals to acknowledge the truth of death and to set oneself up for the eternal life. It recuperates the sadness and distress, no less than a bit, when individuals see the bovine ownership and acknowledge individuals kick the bucket, and we are not the only one in the nation who lost our friends and family.


Advanced Gai Jatra

Cutting edge Gai Jatra added varoius flovors to the celebration in consistence with customary esteems, Pratap Malla had built up.

In the past when there was Shah’s administration, individuals were not permitted to talk straightforwardly about the political framework and the pioneers there in.

Gai Jatra was viewed as the day when individuals are given such freedom to talk, point and parody the framework, govenment and the pioneers.

Still different parody shows, acts and dramatizations are composed in better places including TVs and radios. Uncommon release of news papers are additionally distributed on this day with various kid’s shows and satire articles.

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